First, we would like to congratulate all the teams that made it to the LTC This past weekend!!!
Other than it being 98 degrees outside, everything went off without a hitch.  
For 8-Ball the 2 teams that won trips are:

Nuckin Futs From Middletown  Captain Randy Fish, Jason Hamel, Brenda Farmer, Bunny Goodrich, Codie Hayes, Micah Perry, Lonnie Fish, Nancy Smith

Chalk N Awe From Daleville:  Captain David Cravens,Ron Peavler, Gary Skinner, Shawn Peavler, Brittany Graham, Ginger Morrow, Dustin Rick, Warren Wigner,  
For 9-Ball the 2 Teams that won Trips are:
Just A Couple From Marion:  Captain Ron Brummett, Amanda Brummett, Steve King, Kim King, Josh Petro, Joylynn Cretsinger, Josh Duvall, Sarah Duvall.
Money Shots from Anderson:  Captain Wade Whitehead, Shawn Whitehead, Jeremiah McAtee, Donna Nickerson, Timmy Nickerson,Josh Thompson, Andy Harry, Nick Rennier.
Good Luck to everyone in VEGAS!!!
Congratulations to the Second Place Finishers also.  They fought hard all weekend long, and we appreciate the effort you guys put forth at this tournament. You should be proud of your teams!!!
Scratch This  From Muncie, Captain Josh Edgell,  Jessie Burney, Mo Cannon, Angela Edgell, Shaun Southerland, Eddie Cox, Chad Milburn, Nick Rennier.
Lifers, from Anderson:  Captain Carly Garrison, Bob Talley, Sonny Hedrick, Christine Downs, David Emsweiller, Craig Baker, Christine Boldman.

Titans of the Table From Anderson, Captain Jesse Burney, Ashley Burney, Shaun Southerland, Andy Helton, Brandon Cragun, Danielle Southerland, Christopher Pickett, Kelsea Rainwater.

Rather Be Lucky From Marion,  Captain Crystal Wolfgang, Mark Wolfgang, Dawn Collins, Doug Huston, Charity Dillon, Brandon Cragun, Amanda Frazer.
Thanks To everybody that played this past year and for the years to come!!!

We are working on schedules and dates right now to lower the number of weeks for the summer session.   This will help in us finishing up by the first of May, 2017. For lots of reasons: Graduations, Weddings, too hot to stick 200 people in one room with 100 degree weather.
With this change it will lower the amount of Money awarded at this first and only the  cash cup(Summer Session Only). The Fall And Spring sessions will Be normal.  The amount of weeks for players to get qualified will be less for this Summer.  We had a Vote at the Awards Banquet and everyone likes this idea.  Any Questions or Comments Please call Us: Troy 765-808-7830  Tammie 765-808-0826
Blackford, Delaware, Grant, Madison, Wells
8-Ball Doubles, 8-Ball Ladies, 8-Ball Open, 8-Ball Other, 9-Ball Doubles, 9-Ball Open
Session starting soon! Grab some friends and family and start having fun playing pool. :) GET QUALIFIED FOR THE APA10K CHALLENGE TOURNAMENT! First place in the Team Event is $10,000!!
Ask me how to qualify for Local, Regional, State and National Events!


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